1st 60 Minute Session Per Advisor*
Simple Questions
A couple of quick questions needing expert knowledge
Situation Discussion
Discuss your situation and gain valued insights from their experiences
Your Advisory Board
Couple of quick questions needing expert knowledge
*Valid within first 60 days of registration, up to 3 advisors
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Common uses of a 30 minute session

Common uses
of a 30 minute session

  • You are being told that a labor utilization rate for your field operations company should be 90%. This doesn't sound right to you. Talk to a finance or operations advisor who has worked in this type of company and is very familiar with industry benchmarks for measurements such as this.
  • Your bank is increasing the interest rate on your LOC.
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Common uses of
a 60 minute session

  • You want to grow your company and are not sure whether to finance the growth through debt or equity. Talk to a finance executive with this background to discuss the pros and cons specific to your situation.
  • You are not happy with the current sales comp plan you have in place. Talk to a sales executive to discuss your current plan and some options and implications for changing it so it is more aligned with your company's goals.
  • You would like to better reporting and have heard terms such as dashboards and KPIs. You would like to talk to.
  • You are at the early stages of your company's growth and need to find some good resources for advice. You aren't exactly sure what you need yet and want to talk it through with leaders who have done this before and can tell you what to expect.
  • You are looking at expanding your product/service into a new geography and want to get some thoughts from a couple of different perspectives. Talk to more than one marketing executive and get their advice on what to consider when doing this.
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Common uses of a 60 minute session
Common uses of a 6 hour package of sessions

Common uses
of a 5 hour package of sessions

  • You have talked to a couple of different advisors and want to continue further conversations with each.
  • You have talked through some initial strategy with an advisor and want to further develop it into a plan. The advisor will help talk it through with you, be a resource for information, be a sounding board and help keep you on the right track.
  • You have a number of initiatives going on and want to be able to have any number of advisory resources to contact during the month from a quick question to a deeper discussion
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