Frequently Asked Questions

I am an experienced CEO/business owner – how can I leverage an advisor?

You know nothing takes the place of experience. Take advantage of other’s experiences to avoid painful lessons learned as you grow your company. It is lonely at the top. An advisor gives you the much needed opportunity to talk things through with.

How are the advisors vetted?

Cerius’ advisor network is comprised of executives Cerius has either worked with in the past and received high marks from the client or has extensively interviewed, checked references, verified their recent performance history and received very positive feedback in regards to their advisory skills.

Why is the rate so reasonable compared to normal advisor rates?

Everyday our advisors have a little bit of down time in between meetings and projects. We are asking them to make that downtime available to us. Traditionally this time was not revenue generating for them and since everything on Cerius Advisors happens virtually advisors are willing to offer reduced rates.

How are the advisors compensated?

The advisor’s are compensated upon completion of an advisory session. There is no sales push or expectation other than that you receive value from your session.

Is there a limit to the number of hours I can work with an advisor each month?

Yes. You have up to 8 hours of available advisor sessions each calendar month. If more hours are needed, let’s discuss the purpose and work with you to create a package that is right for your situation. Contact us today if you feel you will need more than 8 hours in a month.

Can I get help with my finding an advisor?

Yes. For additional assistance, contact us via email or call (888) 565-5289, Press 6.

How many advisors can I talk to?

As many as you’d like. It is not uncommon for leaders to talk to at least two advisors to get different perspectives and compare the conversations.

Can I talk to the advisors prior to scheduling anything?

You can send a message to any advisor through our platform letting them know about your situation and asking about any relevant experience they may have.

At what point do I need to pay?

Not until you find an advisor you like and want to schedule a session.

What is the advisor guarantee?

If you are unhappy with your session and do not see any value gained, you can call or email us within 24 hours along with some feedback for the advisor. We will return the session credits to your Cerius Advisors account.

What is the difference between advisor services, consulting and interim executives?

Advisor services are more focused on providing you with much needed information, insights and feedback to leverage in your business activities. Once you need more hands-on assistance inside your company, particularly on-site, it becomes more of a consulting or interim executive assignment depending on the scope and length of time.

How can a start-up leverage advisory services?

Cash is king, especially for a start-up. Get the advice you need to avoid painful lessons learned and pay as you go. As you build your company, you have flexible options to utilize your advisor(s) to help you hands-on inside your organization as well.