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Cerius Executives has been vetting and working with executives for over a decade. We have selected some of the top advisors from our executives network of thousands to provide on-demand advisory and business coaching.

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Vetted Advisors
We have selected the top advisors Cerius has worked with from our executive network.

Avoid Painful Lessons Learned
Get expertise in areas such as finance, operations, sales, marketing, IT and HR.

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Your flexibility with scheduling and virtual contact at about half the average cost.

Find the Expertise You Need From Advisors With Proven Track Records

  • Get multiple perspectives. Tap into the expertise and backgrounds of various advisors.
  • You can stay as confidential as you’d like.
  • We have pooled their unscheduled time to give you expertise and value.
  • Get value from each session. Guaranteed!
  • Need help finding the right advisor. Contact Cerius for assistance at any point.

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How To Get The Most Value
From An Advisor?

  • Talk through your financial growth strategy with a CFO who has grown ten companies from start-up to exit.
  • Get innovative marketing ideas from CMOs for your growing business.
  • Discuss your operational frustrations and some first steps to resolving them.
  • A fresh set of eyes can show you a different set of possibilities.
  • Get outside perspective for your key executives to help keep their ideas up to date and innovative.

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with the background and expertise that fits your need. Search, post or contact us to assist
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send a message to get more information on their background relevant to your situation
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Get Advice
as confidential as you’d like, share what you want, the time is yours

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What People are Saying

I have some aggressive growth plans for my company and it was ideal to talk them through with experts who have done this before. Their insights gave me a straighter line to my vision.
Idan Shpizear CEO, 911 Restoration
The advisory team is amazing. They have been reliable, a pleasure to deal with, deliver on their promises. They are such a value to any business serious about growing and finding top talent for guidance in any important arena. I will always consider the Cerius team an extension of my business.
Aleko Souliotes President, ReHouse Home Buyers
My advisor provided me with more guidance and clarification for areas I thought were mapped out, but in retrospect I needed to clarify more in depth on those areas. I really appreciated the conversation with him because I felt I was at a standstill and he gave me my next steps, which allowed me to open my mind and have more perspective but most importantly, direction.
Tory Thomas CEO, Humbled Beginnings for Youth
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